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// unwirsch [sceptic, gruff, disquietingly, brusque, surly, grumpy]

unwirschgalleries is born out of an appreciation for film photography’s atmospheric and poetic qualities, authenticity and the love for craftsmanship and detail that is specific to the work with the physical material that is film.

through this website we are working on a dialog between the medium´s impact in the analog as well as in the digital peripheries.

the featured collection of series is a set of tales which at the same time state the artist´s individual attitude concerning details or general issues in associative intentions. every series contributes to a photographic rhizome that is picturing the world and its phenomena in aspects.

the collection is meant to be growing and complemented constantly. by mainly focussing on contemporary processes it thus represent the diverse facets of a scene that is highly dynamic.

BILDER von BILDERN is the blog and backbone of unwirschgalleries.

this blog shows details of the daily and not-so-daily background and foreground processes and thoughts related to the unwirsch project, special events, exhibitions and whatever else we keep busy with can be found here on this blog. not only do we want to show stuff, but also interact with the world through this platform.

in case of questions, comments or interest in collaboration/submission feel free to contact us on:

ciao (at) unwirschgalleries.com

copies of certain works are available for public and private use. all images © the respective photographers // unwirschgalleries, berlin 2013